May Birthdays

Happy birthday to the full-time faculty and staff celebrating this month:

Carmen Cabrera, Rachel Dieterly, May 1; Cynthia Correa, Michael Mettille, Penny Gardner, May 4; Kelly McClay, May 5; Mary Yoa, May 6; William Dougherty, James Sacchinelli, Marilou Trinh, May 7;  Alonna Brown, Wendy Gray, May 10; Laura Campbell, Reeva Salkin, George Taylor, May 12; Richard Perniciaro, May 14; Tiffani Harris, May 16; Richard Russell, May 18; Judith Otterburn-Martinez, May 21; Jennifer Botwin, May 22; Jennie Ayres, Robert Fischer, May 23; Patrick Sweeney, May 25; James Taggart, Melissa Hatty, Stacey Zacharoff, May 26; Leila Crawford, May 30; Victoria DeLaurentis, May 31.

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